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Hi there !

I'm Deborah. I came live in Tel Aviv, Israel, from Paris 4 years ago. 

I am graduated from the Textile Design Department at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design & Art (2020).

I am a dreamer and my passion is fashion, to create what I dream about. and i dream in colors.

I am specialised in knitting 

i hand knitting  i manual machine knitting i industrial machine knitting i

but also

serigraphie printing i manual machine weaving I industrial machine weaving (basis)    

i try to be constantly inspired by what surrounds me, and also by old & new trends. I am a part of the self acceptance revolution.

as a textile designer i try to be a part of new revolutions and maybe a way of expression for me and my generation.

I started from zero, in a new country with a new language and alone, i love thinking of myself as an adventurer and it helped me getting a larger point of view on life.

i feel i can do anything and i will.

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