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i NO HASHTAG projecti

this project comes from a subject very important for me - how i feel in my mind and my body as a woman. for someone who never loved her body, i want to stand in the current revolution of the body idea. i went to the extreme of myself, digging this little black spot in my head, creating a symbol, my symbol of self confidence from a to z.

no hashtag means remove the labels put on everybody.

woven overall i made from polyester & cotton ii piqué technique. 

hand-knitted sleeves i made from tough materials to create a strong shape.

oversized & androgyne shape i illusion of a body with no forms.

memphis inspiration for the colours.

hand-knitted bag.

styling by me.

photographer - Michael shvadron

model - Isaac Glauburg

i 3rd year i 2019 i 

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